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Searching For Answers

Problems and answers must conform in their essential natures. Spiritual questions require spiritual answers; natural, temporal questions require natural, temporal answers. It is futile to seek natural, temporal answers for spiritual questions.  Likewise, spiritual answers cannot resolve natural, temporal questions.  Confusing these is a source of frustration and disappointment for many.

Now is the Opportune Moment.

Now is the opportune moment, it will not come again. Like many precious things, time cannot be hoarded nor can it be replenished.  Wisdom recognizes and honors it with mindfulness.

If There's No Joy In It.

"If there's no joy in it, it's just no good. It's best to go on to some other area, where the deposits of talent maybe richer and the fun quotient higher."1

1Stephen King's book on writing, p. 150


Moving Forward

Day 2 in setting up a reconstructed JohnFeezell.com using Compo.sr software.  Next, the focus will be upon making refinements and adding new content along with links to other projects and sites.

New Commitment - Masterclass: James Patterson Teaching Writing

I recently purchased a Masterclass – James Patterson Teaching Writing. I have completed a review of lessons 1, 2, 3. He is entertaining and I gained new insights from the material. Here’s one idea which was reinforced there. James recommends writing for at least 1 hour daily, 2 hours would be better. The written lesson material recommended beginning with 500 words daily and then increasing to 1000 words daily. As I reflected upon these two recommendations, I decided his recommendation based upon time would be better for me because I tend to be a slow starter when I sit down to write – I’ve always been a little slow out of the blocks.

This post as part of my ‘writing an hour or more’ commitment for today. 

P.S.: At this point, I feel comfortable recommending this class at Masterclass